2 In 1 Iron + Steamer
Smooths & Eliminates Wrinkles
Faster & Easier!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV
Red Steam Express

Turbo Steam Blasting Power Smooths Wrinkles in Seconds From Suits, Dresses, Shirts, Blouses, Pants & More!

  • Ceramic Coated Sole Plate
  • Professional Grade Iron + Steamer All in One
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Super Lightweight – Weighs Under 2 lbs.
  • Great for Sanitizing Dresses, Couches & Cushions
  • Perfect for Sharp looking Creases!
  • Ready to Steam in 30 Seconds or Less!
  • Snap-On Plate for Delicate Fabrics
  • Ideal For Silk, Nylon, Polyester & Wool
  • Dry Cleaning Results at Home
  • Refreshes & Rejuvenates Fabric

The Red Steam Express Irons and Steams All in One!

Red Steam Express is Perfect for...

Want to be sharp dressed? But wrinkles always keep you from looking your best?

Ironing is so much work and takes way too much time. And dry cleaners are so expensive!

Introducing Red Steam Express. It's a super-fast iron and garment steamer all in one!

Now your clothes can be wrinkle-free almost instantly. Use it to smooth wrinkles from suits, dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, and more!

The secret is Advanced Turbo Steam Technology. A high pressure pump creates billions of super-heated micro-steam molecules right at the plate. They instantly penetrate deep into the fabric and quickly eliminate wrinkles.

Plus, Red Steam Express is a lightweight clothing steamer. It's so compact, it fits into any travel bag.

Other portable garment steamers don't stay hot enough and can stain your clothes with water. Red Steam Express delivers pure steam right at the point of contact. Suits are wrinkle-free in seconds. You can even iron sharp creases in pants in a single pass.

The best part? It's the ideal clothing steamer and iron all in one. Compact and less than 2 lbs you can take it with you to stay wrinkle-free, no matter where you travel!

2-In-1 Iron and Steamer All In One System Makes Your Wardobe a Wrinkle-Free Zone!